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If a house on barrow burns down tonight I know who to blame

this past week i have swam topless in a pool at 3am, ran down the street to get to a bar before it closed and finished an entire new york times crossword~


an anomynous user reqest:

my thoughts: first off i thought i was watchen a music video from the 50s but thank goodniss i wasent. the video looked a lot like my backyard actaully with the pool and stuf, except theres this tv head guy who turns out to be green garry. theres all these muddy dead bodys but they come alive and start twisten garrys knobs and antennas and stuff. i think the muddy bodys start to worship gary and they run into the pool and its way deeper than youd think and the muddy chicks get all clean an start swimmen around. when garry trys to jump in the pool i think he trips on his cord or somethin and he falls and his head starts exploding and he cant get to the deep part. then they throw gerry into the dump

song 1-10 stars: 2 stars prety bad…i like more exiting music then this but mayb good music for swimming

visuals 1-10 stars: 6 stars i liked the pool how it got all deep that was cool plus the fireworks was kickass

overall: 4 stars… good story about a man who cant get clean becuz of the style of his head. i think theirs a message a bout electricity near water and how its bad for u and nobody cares abot ur body when u die

Sex playlist: Captain Beefheart’s entire discography


I dig it so far!!! (I’m 2 songs in and smitten. I’m a huge Interpol fan and this is hitting all the right notes with me oh MAN)

I’m doing my British radio show right now!!!!!

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you can hear my voice and awkward pauses!!!!

360 plays
Spacemen 3,
Threebie 3


Suicide - Spacemen 3

Shinamo Moki - Rowena’s Wedding

twinkly electronic, static-y and chilled out

Twerps - Heavy Hands

unsure lo-fi, signed to Merge. Pretty good. riyl: scott & charlene’s wedding

12 plays
Let's Active,
Big Plans For Everybody

Let’s Active - Writing The Book Of Last Pages

power pop/jangle pop

riyl: the three o’clock, the dbs, game theory, rain parade