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boyfriendo and I woke up at 9:30!!! on a Saturday!!! to go record shopping!!! I spent a grand total of 137 dollars!!! oh no/oh yeah

Record Store Day Picks!

Photo on 4-18-14 at 6.58 PM

That’s a rendition of me after checking my bank account on Sunday.

Anyway my favourite holiday is upon us, I get to fufill my tradition of waking someone up at an ungodly hour on a Saturday(9:30. in the morning!) so they can go record shopping with me. Then I will spend too much money and buy too much stuff and then I get to run a mini record store day at my college radio station where I will try…

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The Hidden Cameras - Skin & Leather

Though they are Canadian, their being sign to Rough trade and the dazed & shirtless boys on the cover are proof they channel a very British ladism. This song is all triumphant laddish pop with cheeky fetish undertones

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Tweens - Bored In the City

Bratty, bubblegum poppy female fronted garage-y stuff. SICK SICK SICK! One of my favorite albums at the moment.

also I think I’m going to start using my real name on this website. At first I created this blog on a whim, as a weird side project for me to do but it’s gotten so big I nearly have 1,000 followers and it’s only been around for a year-ish. I wanted to keep it a secret from my friends but now everyone knows about it and I’m proud about it, there’s no point keeping up aliases. Plus I’m getting braver about submitting my writing to websites in the hope of getting it out there in the world (i collect all my publications here here here!) so I want everything to be under my real name it makes more sense. So I’m tucking away my Lemmy Caution persona for when/if I go into the witness protection program.

lol but who gives a fuck about my web brand y’all are just here 4 the music :D

Summer Cats - Super

All We Are - Feel Safe

Sleepy, polished synthstuff that won’t blow your mind, but is nice n pretty background music as you take buzzfeed quizzes, which is what I’m doing right now.


The latest issue of THE ZINE IS DEAD is out NOW!

ISSUE #5 of THE ZINE IS DEAD featuring Speedy Ortiz, Parquet Courts, Axxa/Abraxas, Muuy Biien and Huge Cosmic, as well as reviews, playlists, photos, and we share our love for some of our favourite record labels! (cover photograph by Cecilia Majzoub)

A huge thank you to our contributors Cecilia, Matthew, Calum, Brett, Charlie, Nadia, Rhys and Rocker! We hope you enjoy reading the issue and please share it with everyone!

Read here: http://issuu.com/znbhssn/docs/tzid_issue_5

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omg this is a uk zine but it got TWO Georgia bands in it, that’s rad and make me proud of my state. I wrote the Muuy Biien review. It’s a little silly and they’ve definitely had better written stuff about them in recent days, but  you should still check it out. The whole zine is really cool and well put together and I’m so happy about it.

Cabaret Voltaire - Nag Nag Nag

if you’ve never listened to Cabaret Voltaire, listen to this it’ll blow your mind!